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Committed to working for the health, education, safety and economic prosperity of South Dakota.

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Strong National Defense

Free Market Enterprise

A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

Limited Government

Right to Bear Arms

Individual Responsibility

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Responsible Taxation

Locally Controlled Education

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What is a tax?

A tax takes a financial charge or other levy imposed upon a taxpayer to fund various public expenditures.

In the 2016 session she supported HB 1182, the ½% sales tax increase. For perspective if a person spends $10, an additional 5 cents will be paid, for $100 one would pay 50 cents, for $1000 an additional $5.00 would be paid. The sales tax increase was the option chosen to have more money available for funding K-12 public education.

She supported the tax increase because it is not okay to be last in teacher pay.

In the 2015 session she supported SB1 to increase fees and taxes for public roads and bridges. In South Dakota the main form of transportation uses roads and bridges. That is the way people travel from place to place. That is the way the agricultural community gets their product from farm to market. That is the way businesses receive their goods to sell. At the time of the vote the federal government was at a standstill in determining funding for South Dakota’s roads and bridges. As a state, we cannot afford to not take steps to take care of infrastructure.

She supported the fee and tax increase because it is not okay to let the roads and bridges in SD deteriorate.

What is a fee?

Education & Common Core

Jacqueline Sly...

Education Challenges

For SD and United States:

Overreach and lack of trust at the federal level. Schools want and continue to have local control in SD. Parents and public have begun to take an interest in what is happening…that is a good thing. We are a passive society, but no longer can we sit back and think someone else is going to take care of us.


Common Core state standards do not have any data attached to them. Assessments do have information gathered regarding the student (In SD only student ID # with no name, gender, grade, and school. Birthdate is optional for a state). The difference is the access and security through longitudinal data systems. Earlier data was in a file cabinet, not a "cloud."

Testing / Assessments

The U.S. has become a nation of test-takers. Everyone wants accountability, including student, teacher, and school accountability. When standardized tests became the main means to evaluate learning, there is now pressure for performance... not so much for the student, but for the teachers, administrators and schools. This can result in students becoming good test-takers, but not as good with creativity, critical thinking and innovation.

No Silver Bullet

Factors contributing to the United States falling behind other countries:

* Note - the above factors are societal issues that cannot be solved only by making more laws.

Health Care & Affordable Care Act:

Rep. Sly opposes the Affordable Care Act (OBAMACARE).

Endorsements & Ratings:

National Rifle Association

Rep. Sly received an A- and is an NRA endorsed candidate Based on NRA ratings posted for 2014 elections.

Closing Statements

Rep. Sly...

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Jacqueline Sly

chat [at] (605) 381-9116 22560 Potter Road Rapid City, SD 57702